Tuesday, 14 November 2017

I promise it's not what it looks like...

WALT- Use imagination to create a story

Just a little nibble
I promise it’s not what it looks like, I promise it’s not what it seems, maybe if you come a little closer I can tell you what this is all about. I am sorry I really truly am however because I am so terrible small it’s almost impossible to find things to eat, so when I saw food on your stall I just had to take a nibble, but I really did not mean to take it all!

Heads in the snow
“ I promise it’s not what it look like, although I did have my head in the snow, I know mum you have told me but this time I was different you know?  My head wasn't in the clouds it was in the snow!

Monday, 13 November 2017

The BFG's dreams

My Phizzwizard Dream!
These mornings I is waking up to be finding my mother towering over me. I is sitting up and she is saying ‘good morning sweet pie, we is gonna be having a phizzwizard day!’ ‘really?’ I is asking ‘ yepedoddle now go and be having your brekfust and I will be the telling of you soon okei’ she is replying happy as a buzzy bee ‘oh and by the way you was snorkeling...’ ‘huh I is confuzzled’ ‘just go!’ she shouts making me shootout my bed. I is guzzling down my bekfust and my mother is coming skipping through ‘alright here the big spehal thing I am gonna be letting you do whatever you want today!’ ‘REALLY’ I is saying ‘yepydoddle whatever you are wanting’ ‘DISNEYLAND!’ I is screaming ‘okei’ she says clammy. I is watching as my mother is bashing away at her lappingtop ‘alright I is done pack your stuffing and off we go!’ I is rushing to my room and is packing away and next thing I know I is at the airport climbing on to the wizzooper and I is smiling taking my seat we lift off the ground and I is seeing the amazing sight of everything looking like an ant's home. When we is landing I is jumping up and down at the sight of the magic pet store ‘let’s be getting you a pet’ mother is saying I is rushing across the street and there a free butiful white pegasus with a long main and amazing eyes I hop on its back, which is super soft, and so is mother. Now we is whizzing off to fabulous Disneyland the place where all your…   

dreams come true!

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